Notes on Flask

13 Oct 2012

Notes taken from the Flask documentation when the latest version was 0.9:

Foreword for experienced programmers



Testing Flask applications

Logging application errors

Configuration handling


Pluggable views

The application context

The request context


Patterns: Larger applications

Patterns: Deploying with Distribute

Patterns: Deploying with Fabric

Patterns: SQLAlchemy in Flask

Patterns: View decorators

Patterns: Form validation with WTForms

Patterns: Template inheritance

Patterns: Message flashing

Patterns: AJAX with jQuery

Patterns: Custom error pages

Patterns: Deferred request callbacks

API: Application object

API: Incoming request data

API: Response objects

API: Sessions

API: Session interface

API: Application globals

API: Useful functions and classes

API: Returning JSON

API: Configuration

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