To collaborate with talented engineers, and to develop products that I am passionate about.


  1. Coding in the Real World, Author June 2013 - Present

    • Writing a book to bridge the gap between a CS degree and industry. Coming soon.
  2. Burner, Lead Developer March 2012 - May 2013

    • Productionized the Python backend, increasing its test coverage from 0 to over 90%. Also handled on-call duties and performed basic administration.
    • Developed Burner for Android. It has over 100,000 installs, and Ars Technica, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo covered its release.
    • Open sourced Iron Cushion, a CouchDB benchmark and load test. Also developed anti-DoS measures, an abuse monitor, and a real-time stats dashboard using Redis.
  3. ReadyUp!, Co-founder & Developer January 2011 - February 2012

    • Developed the iPhone application, including the SQL storage layer and the real-time, long-polling network layer.
    • Developed the backend in Python, storing data in Redis.
    • Open sourced Pike, a message-level RPC library on top of the I/O loop from the Tornado web server.
  4. Google, Software Engineer July 2006 - January 2011

    Google Search Appliance Search Quality

    • Open sourced Side-by-Side for Enterprise, a tool for evaluating scoring policies or ranking functions by comparing their results side-by-side.
    • Rewrote the spelling correction pipeline. In C++, designed and implemented alternative data structures and combined all processes into one, thereby reducing memory usage by over 60%.
    • Improved maintainability and increased test coverage of code adopted from the "Google 1.0" era.

    Google Docs Backend

    • Implemented sharing in Google Docs where only users with a private key can access an item.
    • Pager duty and production work, including migrating all data in Google Docs to a new data center.

Cross-discipline and extracurriculars

Languages and technologies

Fluent in Python, Java, programmatic testing, Redis, Git, Flask, and SQLAlchemy. Once fluent in Objective-C and C++. Conversational in HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, Javascript, and CoffeeScript.


Open-source software